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An Elegant Art

Solomon Sculpture Gallery in Hartsdale, NY creates original works of art. Sculpting is an elegant art. Our enjoyment in sculpting is evident in the resulting beauty of our work. We work in three mediums to create sculptures – stone, bronze, and wood.


Stone comes in a wide variety of colors and hardness. The stone is worked on with chisels and hammers to rough out the piece, then rasps are used to refine the work. Finally, different grades of sandpaper are used to bring the sculpture to a glass-like, smooth and polished finish.

When sculpting stone, we consider the natural fissures as well as variations in color. All are incorporated into the design. Each piece is unique. A solid piece of stone can be made to appear fluid and “soft.”


Bronze sculpture is created after an initial work in stone, clay or other medium from which a wax impression is made. The ancient "lost wax" technique is used; a long process but with wonderful results. A variety of patinas or finishes lend accents to the sculpture.


Wood sculpture may include a variety of woods such as mahogany or walnut. When working in wood the sculptor uses tools similar to those for stone. After obtaining a smooth surface coats of wood finish bring a rich gloss to the piece.

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